Summer 2008 Finals Night


The above league held their Summer finals night at Swardeston Social Club, in the Pairs Competition Peter Mullaney & Jon Colman  (Gibraltar Gardens) were playing Colin Fryers & Paul Bond (William IV), and in the first frame Fryers went in-off, and Colman cleared to go one up, Colman also finished the second to make it 2-0, but in the third Mullaney potted the black during the frame too give the William pair their first frame, but Mullaney soon made amends by taking the fourth frame, and the match 3-1.

In the other semi Mark Winter & Roy Kiddell (Gibraltar) were against Alex Lewis & David Willimott (Longe Arms), the first frame saw Kiddell commit a deliberate foul, but Willimott missed a double on the black, and Kiddell finished the frame, the second frame saw Winter receiving two visits, and he finished the frame, the Longe Arms pair never really got into the match, and Winter finished the third for a 3-0 victory.

In the final Kiddell & Winter took the first frame, and when Winter won the second after some good safety play it looked as if it was going to be a repeat of their semi final score, but Colman took a very good finish in the third frame too pull them back into the match, Kiddell had a good chance to finish the match in the fourth, but missed the black in the centre pocket, and Colman came on too level the match, in the final frame it was Mullaney who came too the fore, and finished it off for a great fightback.

In the Plate competition a local derby took place when David Thraxton & Michael Lambe were drawn against Paul Thraxton & Martin Curston (William IV), in the first frame it became tactical, and while Paul Thraxton was attempting a finish he potted his last ball, and the black to gift their opponents the frame, but they fought back in the second, and Curston levelled, the third saw a mistake by David Thraxton to let brother Paul in to clear, and after another long tactical battle Thraxton, and Curston took the fourth for a 3-1 win.

The other semi had Lee Smith & Mark Bolton against Kevin Ellis & Paul Jarvis all from Riley’s, in the first frame Jarvis broke, and Smith did an 8 ball clearance, and Smith also finished the second for a 2-0 lead, but the third saw Jarvis break, and clear the table to keep the match going, and in the fourth Curston broke, and Jarvis cleared again too make it 2-2, and the final frame had Ellis coming on to clear after a mistake by Smith.

In the final Ellis finished the first two frames, before Curston pulled one back, but Thraxton was unlucky to go in-off in the fourth too gift Ellis & Jarvis the title


In the Summer Cup competition the top two teams Gibraltar Gardens Potters, and William IV IND fought out the final, and captain Paul Thraxton put the William 1-0 up, but Peter Mullaney, and Jon Colman won the next two for the Gibraltar, the William then took a firm grip on the match as Colin Fryers, Jon Read, Thraxton again, Shane Cawdron, and Martin Curston put them 6-2 up, but Mullaney, and Dean Goodrum won the next two for the potters, but could not prevent Curston taking the next frame, and the Cup back too the William IV

In the Summer Sixes final Hethersett S.C. Exiles took on Riley’s A, and Robbie Riches, and Lee Fuller put Riley’s 2-0 ahead, captain Steven Beck from the exiles looked to have pulled one back, but was unlucky to go in-off the black, Daniel Bestford, and Adam Cullum twice then put Riley’s 6-0 ahead, before Rich Parslow pulled one back, but Fuller won the next for Riley’s for an easy 7-1 victory.




Pairs Plate


Losing Semi-Finalist


L.Smith & M.Bolton                     Riley’s

D.Thraxton & M.Lambe            William IV




Runner Up            P.Thraxton & M.Curston            William IV

Winners            P.Jarvis & K.Ellis                  Riley’s




Losing Semi-Finalist


A.Lewis & D.Willimott            Longe Arms

C.Fryers & P.Bond                       William IV




Runner Up            R.Kiddell & M.Winter            Gibraltar Gardens

Winner            P.Mullaney & J.Colman            Gibraltar Gardens


Summer Sixes 


Group One                 Hethersett S.C. Exiles

Group Two                 Heath House A

Group Three              Moles Rest Journeymen


Runner Up                  Hethersett S.C. Exiles

Winner                        Riley’s A


Summer Cup


Group One                 William IV Ind


Runner Up                  Gibraltar Gardens Potters

Winner                        William IV Ind