Summer Pairs 2009
First Round
Matches to be played on 23rd June 2009 at the venue shown, with play to commencing at 8 O' Clock.
All matches are the best of 5 frames.
Match scores can be submitted directly to the league secretary or sent via e-mail to
1 P Thraxton & M Curston (William IV Ind)   Vs   P Mullaney & J Colman (Gibraltar Gardens Potters)
2 A Kimberley & A McDowell (Hethersett SC)   Vs   C Bier & P Crocker (Belle Vue)
3 Winner of match 1   Vs   Winner of match 2
4 P Watts & D Alexander (Hethersett SC)   Vs   M Lambe & D Thraxton (Gordon)
5 Winner of match 4   Vs   A Marshall & D Gaff (Royal Oak)
Royal Oak
6 M Winter & R Kiddell (Gibraltar Garden Potters)   Vs   J Read & K Horner (William IV)
7 Winner of match 6   Vs   S Cawdron & N Spelman (Willaim IV)
William IV
8 J Kimberley & D Kimberley (Hethersett SC)   Vs   A Daniels & R Gathergood (Gordon)
9 Winner of match 8   Vs   A Gaunt & D Jones (Royal Oak)
Mustard Pot
10 L Smith & M Bolton (Rileys Rocks)   Vs   M Kirby & G Lewis (Gordon)
11 C Wright & M Brooks (Longe Arms)   Vs   M Eccles & N Goddard (Swardeston SC)
12 Winner of match 10   Vs   Winner of match 11
Hethersett SC
13 S Ramm & S Daniels (Gibraltar Garden Potters) 3 Vs 1 D Gibson & S Mace (Royal Oak)
14 S Ramm & S Daniels (Gibraltar Garden Potters) 0 Vs 3 R Dickson & D Goodrum (Gibraltar Gardens Potters)
Heath House
15 D Willimott & A Lewis (Longe Arms)   Vs   M Perkins & L Wassell (Swardeston SC)
16 Winner of match 15   Vs   A Howard & D Edwards (Rileys Devils)
17 J Gooch & S Chipperfield (Gordon)   Vs   K Ellis & P Jarvis (Rileys Devils)
18 Winner of match 17   Vs   P Bond & C Fryers (William IV)